Yates Weed n Feed


Liquid hose on weedkiller with added fertiliser for healthy green lawns.

For use on all lawns except buffalo, Durban grass, non-grass lawns and lawns less than 3 months old.

MCPA and Dicamba are plant hormones which are absorbed by foliage and translocated to roots. The weed is forced into excessive disordered growth which leads to gradual curling and yellowing and then death of the weed within 4 weeks.

Not suitable for Buffalo grass.
For Buffalo, please use this product instead.

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Directions for use

  • Follow label directions.
  • Apply when weeds are actively growing and rain is not expected.
  • Apply 2 litres over 130 square metres. Apply 2.4 litres over 150 square metre. Apply 4 litres over 260 square metres.
  • Alternatively 300ml may be diluted to 9 litres of water and applied over 20 square metres using a watering can and sprinkle bar (Dilutes 1 in 30 out of sprayer).


  • DO NOT mow or fertilise for 7 days after application
  • DO NOT allow spray to drift onto garden plants or other plants you do not want killed
  • DO NOT apply to lawns suffering stress
  • DO NOT feed treated clippings to poultry, livestock or use as mulch