Rapid Green Couch Lawn Seed Blend


Rapid Green Couch Blend is perfect for the modern challenges the home gardener faces. This unique blend creates an extremely hardwearing lush green lawn that will thrive in warm to dry conditions.

Rapid Green Couch needs less water to survive than most other lawn varieties and grows in nearly all soil types.

The Annual Ryegrass will come up quickly while the couch will take longer to establish. Containing a nursery cover of “easy to establish” lawn varieties to provide early germination and greening in 7-10 days, while allowing the slower germinating couch time to establish.

The Annual Ryegrass will transition out leaving the couch to establish fully. As it includes the cool season Ryegrass it’s a good option for Southern States of Australia. Northern Australian States may wish to choose a straight couch variety.

Best Planting Time

Spring to late summer in cooler states. Germination of couch seeds is most vigorous when soil temperatures are above 21 degrees celcius.

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Seed Mixture By Count

  • 24% La Prima Couch
  • 12% Fine Fescue
  • 64% Turf Ryegrass

Wetting Agent: This blend contains granular wetting agent to assist with moisture retention.  Wetting agent will assist in the plant’s ability to take up moisture from the soil.

Sowing Rate: Sows 24 square metres

Grass Type Characteristics

  • Establishment Rate:  Excellent
  • Drought Tolerance:  Excellent
  • Shade Tolerance:  Moderate
  • Heat Tolerance:  Excellent
  • Wear Tolerance:  Excellent

Fertiliser Rates

To ensure successful germination it is essential to apply a starter fertiliser when sowing your grass seed.

Apply 2-3kg of fertiliser per 100sqm (20–30 g/m2).  Once established the lawn (usually two to three months) will require a high analysis fertiliser to continue to thrive (Renovator Plus).

Additional information

Product Sizes

600g box