Persimmon ‘Fuyu’

Diospyros kaki (Fuyu Persimmon)


A non-astringent Asian variety that can be eaten straight from the tree. Best used for fresh fruit, cooking and drying. Late season maturity.

Skin: Orange.
Flesh: Firm. Non-astringent.
Flavour: Sweet flavour. Should not be picked too early.
Maturity: Late season.
Culture: Self pollinating. Generally produces heavy crops without a pollinating partner. May be eaten while flesh is still firm, does not need to be soft like other varieties.
Size: Standard fruit tree. Precocious, round compact tree which tends to droop as the tree matures with the crop load.

Plant in a sunny position with well drained soil and sheltered from strong winds. Water during the warmer months, especially when fruits are forming. In containers water 3-4 days, more often in hot weather. Do not water the trunk. Fertilise in spring and late summer-early autumn with a fetiliser high in nitrogen, do not allow to touch trunk. Prune in late spring removing inside and weak growth and to shape the tree.


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