Lotus Trail Blazers Red

Lotus (Trail Blazer)

Full Sun Part Shade


A very useful creeping or trailing plant with fine silvery green foliage and orange red pea-shaped flowers in spring. Ideal for use in rockeries, trailing over low walls, or cascading out of hanging baskets/pots.

Requires well drained soils and is not tolerant of water logging or wet feet. Prefers full sun to part shade. Frost free areas. Water after planting until well established.

  • Full sun to part shade position.
  • Striking red/orange flowers.
  • Likes warm/hot positions.

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Great For Hanging Basket

Ground Cover

Additional information

Pot Sizes

27cm Hanging Basket

Foliage Colour

Green tones, Silver tones

Flower Colour

Orange/red, Red


Full Sun, Part Shade


Keep moist, Well Drained Position, Frost Sensitive


Creeper, Evergreen, Flowering, Good for hanging basket, Ground cover