Black Mulberry

Morus nigra (Black Mulberry)

Full Sun Decidous


Compact vigorous grower with an early large elongated deep red/black fruit and rich mulberry flavour.

Attractive foliaged medium to eventually large spreading tree which is long living. Thick dark green foiliage makes good shade. Young trees are fast growing and early to fruit.

Mulberries ripen progressively so some immature fruit is coming along while some is ready to eat. Ripe fruit are black and fall with little effort to remove them.

  • Cross pollination is not required.
  • Eat fruit fresh or cooked in pies or desserts.
  • Fresh fruit will keep a few days in the fridge

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Self Pollinating

Shade Tree

8-12m Mature Height

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25cm pot


Full Sun


Deciduous, Flowering, Fruiting, Self Pollinating, Shade Tree

Foliage Colour

Green tones

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